Zlatan’s Ink

Tattoos have been a human body art expression since early stages of civilization. The superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, soccer Swedish player is full of them and is known for his passion for tattoos. Zlatan two tattoos on each of his forearms, and a total of 11 drawn in his body. Nicknamed the Ibrahimovic code, they are a series of numbers which are the birth dates of his close family members.

On the left arm he has the woman in his life:
Sanela (sister) 18.07.1979 and Jurka (his mother) 16.04.1951

On the right arm he has the men in his life
Sefik (father) 30.04.1973, Sapko (brother) 10.07.1986 and Aleksander (brother) 10.07.1986

He has one on his belly that reads: “Only God can Judge Me” which gives a bit away of his polemic personality.

Zlatan has said that the white tattoo was the most painful one. We are sure, he will cover his entire body with ink within the next 5 years.