Zlatan Ibrahimovic the Fashion Icon

When it comes to Zlatan ibrahimovic’s torso, he might be more well-known for his muscles and his tattoos, or for wearing the jerseys of A.C. Milan and the Swedisg national team, but he is also known for sporting Graphic tees.

Ibra is not a fashion icon like David Beckham, who probably played a large part in making British, pseudo-Japanese brand Superdry popular. On the other hand, Zlatan does play more games these days, and thus has less time to promote streetwear brands.

Apart from being somewhat of a fashion icon, despite not being Beckham, Zlatan has also inspired many T-shirt designers. At any fair in Sweden, you are very likely to see T-shirts with Ibracadabra’s portrait, and they portrayed person never gets any money from this. There are also more artistic interpretations of one of the world’s greatest footballers.

Graphic designer R. J. Paramonte designed five t-shirts a couple of years ago, on the theme of the obvious pun “zlatanism”. The prints featured goat an human skulls, and pentagrams, but they all had a twist to them. Instead of three sixes, the had three z, and the goats had horns made of footballs.