Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Pure Magic

His story starts in a small city in the south of Sweden called Malmo in the early 1980s, in a district called Rosengard. His father is from Bosnia and his mother from Croatia. In these particular area there are a lot of immigrants. Here Ibrahimovic will play with his friends tricks with the soccer ball, in small spaces, this he would admit later on, developed a lot of control of the ball.

In Rosengard, he got the place where he used to train, when growing up, and installed lights and two golden goals where Zlatan paid for a plate that reads: “Here is my heart, here is my history, here is my play. Take it further.”

His polemic personality has led critics to have a dual opinion about him. His talent is undeniable but also his egocentric tantrums scare coaches of different teams, because this immaturity can be very harmful for the other player’s focus as well. However, recently and especially on the recent game Sweden vs. Hungary for the classificatory game to Southafrica 2010, he proved what he is made of, scoring the goal that would save Sweden when the game was 20 seconds to finish. Definitely Southafrica 2010 will be the perfect stage for Zlatan to show the world what he is made of.