Can Zlatan be really worth millions?

Recently, Barcelona has traded the directness and speed in play of Samuel Eto’o to the more flashy and cocky game of Zlatan. In a groundbreaking deal, Pep Guardiola (Barca’s coach) brought the “Ibracadabra” (as known in Italy) to play for Catalunia’s team for over £40m in cash.

Opinions towards Zlatan differ a lot. Some call him a genius, but perhaps hi volatile character has made other people consider him overrated. However, recently watching him score on the important game towards classification to Southafrica 2010, Sweden vs. Hungary, 30 seconds left for the end of the game, current score 1-1, was a magic moment. In a miraculous move, Zlatan managed to get strength and score almost on his own, baffling all the Hungarians expectators that couldn’t believe what had happened and giving Sweden a great breath on the run towards classification for the upcoming world cup.

While he was in Ajax, Ibrahimovic had a difficult time and a difficult temper. It seemed as if he didn’t trust anyone and this reflected on the game. Co Adriaanse, an Ajax coach, sadly admitted: “I have not been able to reach Zlatan’s heart”. Later at Inter, the turbulent player had a good run and seemed to be leaving all these ghosts behind. It might be lucky for Barcelona that Guardiola is betting on Zlatan just at the right time and that the magic player is moving on from enfant terrible of soccer to a true legend.
It is said that Zlatan has the striker’s art and is, in essence, a thinker which can see geometrical possibilities in the field where others can’t.

Whether or not Zlatan is the new Van Basten or this represents the major downfall of the Barca, FC Barcelona Football Club has always proved that this thirst for risky decisions has taken them to the position they have right now. From Eto’o to Zlatan, we will see what if this player has achieved the maturity we have seen lately on the soccer field.